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  • Understanding the project's scope, usage, level of artwork complexity required and timeline.

  • How do commissions work?​ (resource from the Association of Illustrators)


  • Like many other creative industries, the illustration industry works on a licensing structure.

  • Grants client usage rights through a license specifying: nature of use, region of distribution, distributor and duration. 

  • What is an illustration license? (resource from the Association of Illustrators)

Publishing & Retail:

  • Colourful characters and richly detailed illustrations can engage both children and parents alike!


  • Convey a compelling brand story with illustrations crafting a strong visual narrative for events and promotions!

  • Projects are usually negotiated as a one-time flat fee with a license for use.


  • Client's needs are all covered through specified usage rights granted by a license, while the artist is able to maintain the artistic integrity of the illustration by keeping the copyright in any work they create.

Creation Process:

Typical Work Flow:

​(for simple projects)

01 Concept Development:

  • ​A variety of initial ideas and options are presented.

  • ​Example: Cover design options

​07 Artwork Creation:

03 Rough Draft/Mockups:

  • ​Can consist of lineart, colour tests, storyboards, print prototypes etc.

  • ​All illustrations are provided to the client as production-ready high-resolution files

  • Traditional hand-drawn illustrations are scanned and enhanced digitally to optimize the image for both web and print reproduction. 

girl boy character sheet_150dpi.jpg

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