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Thoughts on a more Focused Approach to Illustration Work.

The illustration community is so richly populated with unique individuals so everyone's approach to their business is wonderfully diverse. However, most people would agree there is value in becoming a specialist and finding your unique voice within a field.

I know finances can be an overriding factor in considerations especially for the early illustrator, but to simplify the scenario, here are some general reflections on assessing opportunities and working towards projects and people that align with your biggest aspirations.

  1. Fundamentally, does the project align with your values and core beliefs that your art stands for?

  2. Is the nature of the project (style, application, end product etc.) something you can envision adding value to your portfolio?

  3. Are you prioritizing opportunities that can push you forward? Or experiencing the opposite - feeling tied down to an old version of yourself?

  4. Do you have confidence and the time to fully commit and deliver the best work possible?

  5. Will the working relationship go smoothly? Is there good communication, trust, professionalism, and a respectful understanding of how to work together for all parties?

  6. Are the terms and conditions and payment schedule proposed upholding best practices for everyone?

  7. Will you be able to remain accountable to the deliverables and timeline required?

  8. Are you drawing on past experiences to make informed decisions?

As with any career, making decisive decisions with intentional strategy will bring in that much more joy and fulfillment to a resounding YES! These reflections are really not advocating to think of oneself on a pedestal against opportunities that come your way but to responsibly be able to stand behind what you can offer and pass the baton when necessary.


Thank you as always for reading till the end! I would love to hear your thoughts too. Come say hi on instagram: @natalie.illustration


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