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8 Reasons to Blog as a Creative

  1. It is another outlet for your personality to shine through as the content you choose to write about can directly speak towards your values, passion, and working attitude.

  2. Use your platform to inspire and help fellow creatives as a resource database.

  3. Advocate for fair practices in your industry and share insights from your experiences- successes and challenges. Each of us can offer valuable knowledge to others regardless of where we are on our creative journey.

  4. Give others a peek into your work process, your tools, and daily practices.

  5. Write posts that can help orient potential collaborators on what to expect when working with you. This can help align expectations for both parties. It might help to use this as an overview package that you can quickly share with general inquiries for more effective use of your time.

  6. Post dates show that you are actively curating your website and running your business. Consistency will demonstrate dedication.

  7. Images included in the posts can serve as additional exposure to your creations prompting interest to then click on your portfolio pages.

  8. Every post increases your SEO listings and is a great way to generate organic traffic to your site as well as boost searchability rankings on google.


I hope you enjoyed this quick read. Do you have a creative blog you would like to share? Come say hi over on instagram: @natalie.illustration


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