Custom Graphic Mural 

A large graphic wallpaper featuring the YauTsimMong neighbourhood was created for “Biblotheque”- a new housing project in Hong Kong aimed to encourage youth to celebrate the culture of co-living and to serve as a creative community hub to revitalize an old neighbouthood.


The detailed city map illustration inspires youth to explore their neighbourhood and have a new appreciation for the humble yet rich local culture.


The project was covered in Metro Pop magazine and an artist talk was held on opening day.

Original Watercolour reproduced as  

Large Graphic Wallpaper

Art therapy for autistic patients

“Storybook of Abby” is a colourful interpretation of Abby’s values, interests and aspirations. The open book references her love for writing and is an inviting gesture to showcase her enriching world to others. More than just a simple self portrait, a cast of whimsical and colourful creatures reflects many dimensions of Abby.

*client’s real name withheld for privacy

The Story of Abby

Art Therapy for Autistic Youth

Watercolour and Pen, 2016

Children's educational materials 

An ongoing set of illustrated materials designed for a local parent/child playgroup that encourages children to freely exercise their creativity and engage in new experiences that are hard to come across in a busy city environment. 


Projects include event specific certificates, activity booklets, thematic journals and parenting workbooks.

Activity booklets and themed journals

Scope of work includes concept development and working closely with the client to tailor the content to target various age groups.

Parenting guide
Community program

A community themed illustration was created for Po Leung Kuk’s youth program that encourages students, teachers and families to volunteer to help the elderly. The key graphic was used for their event poster, leaflet and banner. A series of illustrated role play cards also inspired participants to be a proactive part of the community.

Public awareness campaign 

Commissioned postcards for Buildings Department that aim to educate children and families best practices for building safety.

The design blends the client’s original human characters with the artist’s signature animals.

Social advocacy

Book illustration promoting a local charity group that collects food donations and redistributes to low-income elderly. 

Web branding

A series of 7 illustrations were created for RTHK's radio and tv series which aims to spread positive messages for family bonding and cherishing multi-generational relationships.


The heartwarming illustrations are the key visuals for their website which portrays the various programs and components of the program's initiatives. 

Brand outreach

Promotional illustration created for international skincare brand, Kiehl’s for their annual birthday mail campaign for customer outreach. 

Event branding

Comprehensive illustration and creative branding services for Cartias Institue of Higher Education's social support program "Get, Set, Go" aimed at under-served students to pursue a degree and inspire their career path. As the main designer for the 3-year program, scope of work covers all aspects of visual brand identity for all outgoing content and events.


Exclusive mascots embodying the values and aspirations of the program were created and featured during the major launch event as the stage backdrop, signage and various souvenir items.  

Event backdrop

A feature event illustration was created for HK Mega Showcase, an annual shopping event with over 1 million visitors at Hong Kong’s largest convention centre. The illustration was shown at all entrances and adapted for a stage set too.

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